Our Green Ethics

As a working farm we have the utmost respect for Mother Earth. We are proud to a Business Leader in Jersey’s Eco Active scheme as well as a Gold member of the National Green Tourism Scheme, championing the needs of the environment, local residents, businesses and visitors both now and in the future.

Gold Standard

La Mare is a Green Tourism Gold standard attraction, awarded for sustainable tourism through the undertaking and adherence of 20 specific actions. Grading is against a rigorous set of criteria, covering a range of areas, like energy and water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and more.


From managing energy consumption and re-using rain water to exploring solar energy. Our organic meadows and orchards are vital for biodiversity and combating climate change. We are constantly striving to move towards more sustainable practices.


We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly viticulture practices. By completely eliminating the use of herbicides, we not only protect the health of our vineyard ecosystem but also ensure that our grapes are free from harmful chemical residues. This decision enhances the natural biodiversity of our vineyards, encouraging beneficial insects and plants to thrive, which in turn supports the overall health and resilience of the vines.

Open Leaf Canopy

In addition to our herbicide-free approach, we have implemented an open leaf canopy training system. This innovative technique involves carefully managing the vine’s foliage to create an open and well-ventilated structure. By doing so, we maximise sunlight exposure and air circulation around the grape clusters. This not only improves photosynthesis and grape ripening but also reduces the risk of mould and disease, allowing us to minimise the use of synthetic fungicides and other treatments.

The result is a higher quality fruit with more intense flavours and balanced acidity, which directly translates to superior wines. Our grapes develop a better concentration of sugars, flavours, and aromatic compounds, reflecting the unique terroir of our vineyards. This meticulous attention to detail in the vineyard allows us to produce wines that are not only environmentally responsible but also of exceptional quality and character.

Our commitment to these sustainable practices ensures that we are not only preserving the environment for future generations but also crafting wines that express the true essence of our land.


Environmental Charter - The 20 Actions


1. Making our visitors more keenly aware of the environment


2. Creation of a plan to control energy consumption
3. Reinforcing our policy of environmental-friendly energy production


4. Implementation of a plan to control water consumption


5. Collection of Cooking Oils to run ‘Germbusters’ trucks
6. Collection of fat from foodstuffs
7. Recycling of Grey Water


8. Recycling of cardboard
9. Recycling of glass
10. Usage of re-chargeable batteries to reduce waste
11. Recycling of electric and electronic equipment
12. Recycling of ink cartridges
13. Processing of light bulbs



14. We are taking steps to reduce our Carbon footprint and in the future we are looking to be Carbon positive
15. Favouring clean vehicles which run on new energies


16. Reduction of the use of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides in the maintenance of the Vineyard and Orchards
17. Integrated Vineyard and Orchard Management Plan


18. Use of recycled office furniture when possible
19. Favouring “Eco-Label” Products


20. Annual inspection of electrical equipment