We create a range of delicious chocolates, including truffles, a variety of bars and our exclusive Or Noir chocolate, all made in house by our talented chocolatier.

La Mare Estate in Jersey is more than just a distillery and vineyard, in fact, the estate has a very serious chocolate kitchen at its heart. Producing a varied range of dark, milk and white chocolates and truffles as well as regularly developing new products for the local market. La Mare also creates a selection of handmade biscuits and fudge and is quickly gaining popularity for its delicious treats.

We choose our chocolate wisely because its taste is more than only the skills of the chocolate maker. It starts at the source, with the love and passion of the cocoa farmers. Their care for the soil, the forests and the earth make the cocoa trees thrive. Their craftsmanship yields better cocoa beans, full of taste.


Part of the revenue of our chocolate goes back to farmers. It is invested in training programmes and tools for cocoa farmers to become better craftsmen. And better beans means better taste, and a better price for their crop.