Black Butter

Rich in History and Taste

This exquisite Jersey farmhouse speciality is not only a gastronomic delight but also a bastion of the island’s rich heritage, epitomising a culinary and cultural treasure of a rustic lifestyle that, whilst diminishing, remains a precious facet of Jersey’s identity. From the 1600s to the 1700s, a significant one-fifth of Jersey’s tillable land was cloaked in verdant orchards. These orchards produced cider, traditionally crafted by local farmers and offered to their workers as part of their remuneration, weaving itself into the island’s agricultural lore.

Within this apple-rich tradition was born the craft of ‘black butter’, or ‘Le Niere Buerre’. This intricate process involves cider from freshly harvested apples being meticulously reduced over a flame for up to two days. Once the cider is halved in volume, a medley of ingredients – more apples, sugar, lemon, liquorice, and a fragrant mix of spices – is added. The blend is then continuously stirred with a traditional wooden ‘rabot’, or paddle.

The production of black butter goes beyond the culinary art; it’s a cultural festivity, a community affair that breathes life into Jersey’s bucolic traditions. Held post the winter harvest, this event morphs into a vibrant celebration of community bonds, replete with folk songs, dances, storytelling, and conversations that stretch into the early hours. It’s a practice that preserves not just a recipe, but the very essence of community and the narrative of the island’s storied heritage.

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“La Mare has dedicated a decade to mastering the art of this centuries-old recipe, ensuring every batch is steeped in tradition and perfected to contemporary standards”

Tim Crowley, Director

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A rich and spicy apple preserve

Jersey Black Butter has a strong provenance with the island of Jersey and is made using a traditional Jersey recipe, without any additives, using apples, cider, lemons, sugar, liquorice, mixed spice and cinnamon. The jammy conserve is a perfect breakfast/snack accompaniment in its own right, as a condiment and also can used as an ingredient in a wide range of recipes, for both sweet and savoury dishes

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