Black Butter

Rich in History and Taste

Jersey Apple Black Butter has a fascinating history that dates back centuries. The origins of this unique spread can be traced back to the beautiful island of Jersey, famous for its beautiful beaches, lush orchards and abundant apple harvests. The traditional recipe for black butter has been passed down through generations, with each family adding their own special touch to the process. La Mare Estate, known for its commitment to preserving the island’s culinary heritage, has perfected the art of creating this exquisite black butter.

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Jersey Apples

The production of our  Jersey Apple Black Butter begins with the careful selection of apples from our very own orchards. Only the finest apples are chosen, ensuring that the black butter captures the true essence of Jersey’s apple varieties. The apples are then cooked slowly over a low heat along with our very own Branchage Cider allowing the flavours to intensify and the sugars to caramelise. This slow cooking process is what gives the black butter its rich, dark colour and irresistible taste. Finally, the cooked apples are pureed and strained to create a smooth and velvety texture. The result is a jar of pure culinary magic, ready to be enjoyed in countless ways.

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La Mare Estate takes great pride in preserving the traditional methods of making black butter, ensuring that every jar is a testament to the island’s culinary heritage. By using only the finest ingredients and time-honoured techniques, La Mare Estate Jersey Apple Black Butter continues to delight food enthusiasts around the world.

The production of black butter goes beyond the culinary art; it’s a cultural festivity, a community affair that breathes life into Jersey’s bucolic traditions. Held post the winter harvest, this event morphs into a vibrant celebration of community bonds, replete with folk songs, dances, storytelling, and conversations that stretch into the early hours. It’s a practice that preserves not just a recipe, but the very essence of community and the narrative of the island’s storied heritage.

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“La Mare has dedicated a decade to mastering the art of this centuries-old recipe, ensuring every batch is steeped in tradition and perfected to contemporary standards”

Tim Crowley, Director

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Jersey Black Butter has a strong provenance with the island of Jersey and is made using a traditional recipe using apples, cider, lemons, sugar, liquorice, mixed spices, cinnamon and a splash of our Jersey Branchage Cider.  The jammy conserve is a perfect breakfast/snack accompaniment in its own right, as a condiment and also can used as an ingredient in a wide range of recipes, for both sweet and savoury dishes.

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