Chocolate Making Workshops

Learn the indulgent art of chocolate making (and tasting) in our sensational Chocolate Making Workshop suitable for private parties and corporate team-building activities. This engaging session, lasting approximately 1.5 hours, promises a unique blend of fun and creativity.

Awaken your Inner Chocolatier

Embark on a journey into the exquisite world of crafting luxury chocolate truffles and pralines.

Our in-house expert Chocolatier will share the secrets behind the art of chocolate making. You’ll discover the process of selecting the finest Belgian chocolate and learn how each decadent treat is made from 100% sustainable cocoa.

Chocolate Tasting Session

As you delve into the fascinating world of chocolate creation, your taste buds will be treated to a selection of delicious chocolates for you to savour in a special tasting session.

Get Creative

You will then have the chance to get hands-on and fill your own truffles from a choice of flavours such as Salted Caramel, strawberry, raspberry, pistachio, coffee and Black Butter.

Your Chocolate Creations

Once the truffle shells are filled you will then dip them and coat them in delicious melted chocolate. 

While you are waiting for your chocolates to set you will have the chance to make and to express your creativity by making and decorating your very own chocolate lollipop.

Your Very Own Box of Chocolates

The sweet rewards of your efforts will be carefully packed into boxes, ready to be taken home and shared with loved ones. (Unless you decide to keep them all to yourself!)

Extra Treats

The price of the workshop includes a glass of red or white wine for adults to appreciate and help the creative juice flow, plus a glass of mineral water to stay hydrated!

Children receive a glass of mineral water and a selection of La Mare biscuits to munch on. All participants take home their box of personalised edible creations in a little box.

Book For Your Group

The Chocolate Making Workshop is open to adults and children. The cost is £35 per person (ex GST) with a minimum charge of £420. (We can easily adapt numbers and can move the location depending on how many people you would like to attend.)

Contact our events team today to book your event or party. Call 01534 481178 or email [email protected]

From Bean to Bar

All our cocoa comes from one supplier, Callebaut. a company committed to making chocolate from 100% sustainable and traceable cocoa beans. Since 2015, Callebaut has been diligently sowing the seeds of change, aiming to elevate farmers’ incomes and lift them out of poverty. While there is still a long journey ahead, the path forward has been charted. In collaboration with Cocoa Horizons, farmers, and customers, Callebaut is committed to pioneering a transformative cocoa farming model. This model is designed to pave the way towards achieving a sustainable living income for cocoa farmers by 2030. Together, we are dedicated to making a meaningful impact and fostering a brighter future for cocoa farming communities worldwide.

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