Our Alembic Charentais Cognac Distillery

At La Mare Wine Estate our Alembic Charentais Cognac still is not merely a piece of equipment; it embodies centuries-old traditions passed down through generations. Here, skilled artisans meticulously transform locally-sourced ingredients into a range of exceptional spirits.

Originating from the Charente region of France, this iconic still is renowned for its distinctive shape and copper construction, which play pivotal roles in shaping the flavours and character of the spirits it produces.

Jersey Royal Vodka

Jersey Royal Potato Vodka, celebrated for its velvety smoothness and unique potato essence, is distilled to perfection in this traditional still, showcasing the island’s rich agricultural heritage.



Beyond vodka, the Alembic Charentais still lends its artistry to crafting aromatic Gin, where a symphony of botanicals infuses each batch with complex flavors and enticing aromas. Meanwhile, Jersey’s renowned apples find their ultimate expression in our Apple Brandy, a richly-flavored spirit aged to exquisite maturity, capturing the essence of our orchards in every sip.


The Art of Distillation

The distillation process begins with carefully selected ingredients—potatoes harvested from our fertile soils, or botanicals gathered from the island’s diverse flora. Inside the still, heat transforms these raw materials into vapours that ascend through the swan neck, where they condense back into liquid form, purified and enriched with layers of flavour.


Jersey Apple Brandy

Additionally, the Alembic Charentais Cognac still plays a crucial role in the production of Apple Brandy at La Mare Wine Estate. This richly-flavored spirit is aged to perfection, capturing the essence of locally-grown apples.


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Tour & Tasting Experiences

Join us for a Guided tour of our Alembic Charentais Cognac distillery to discover the secrets behind our spirits. explore the intricacies of our production process, and savour tastings that showcase the true essence of Jersey in every sip. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine spirits or simply curious about the art of distillation, La Mare Wine Estate invites you to experience the magic firsthand.



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