Barrel Building Competition

In this hands-on activity, teams of six will compete against the clock and more importantly, against each other in a series of exhilarating challenges, each designed to provide an entertaining insight into the meticulous craft of the Cooper. From assembling and deconstructing to strength testing a brandy barrel, every step of the process promises excitement and camaraderie.

The competition takes the following format; your host will explain the competition and will then demonstrate the task. Each team will consist of 6 people.  The first ½ of each team will have to dismantle and rebuild a Brandy barrel then roll it to where the second half of the team, again dismantle and rebuild it before rolling it back to its start position

Team Problems – if the barrel is reassembled badly it will be very difficult (but entertaining) to see them try to roll it and stop it from falling apart. The team that completes the task in the shortest time and to a satisfactory standard is judged as the winners.

Activity Cost of Barrel Building Competition
£25 per person (ex GST), minimum charge £500 or 20 people


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