Saint Marie White Wine

Hand-crafted at La Mare

Introducing our esteemed flagship dry white wine - a true testament to the artistry of winemaking and the expression of our unique terroir. Crafted from a carefully curated blend of Orion and Seyval Blanc grapes, this wine embodies the essence of La Mare Wine Estate's coastal beauty and the invigorating winds that grace our vineyards.

Aromas that Dance on your Palate

Our winemakers hand-select the finest Orion and Seyval Blanc grapes grown at the estate, each contributing its distinct personality to the final blend. The marriage of these varietals results in a harmonious balance of flavours, textures, and aromas that dance on your palate with every sip.

Elevated Fermentation

Our flagship white wine undergoes a meticulous cool fermentation process in stainless steel, where the grapes’ natural essence is preserved and celebrated. To enhance the wine’s complexity, we allow a brief period of ageing in contact with the yeast, imparting unique layers of depth and character to the final product.

A Coastal Tribute: As you indulge in this remarkable wine, you’ll be transported to the very heart of La Mare Wine Estate, surrounded by the soothing embrace of the sea and the refreshing North West winds that define our location. This wine embodies the maritime influence of the island, inviting you to savour the essence of our beautiful coastal terroir.

A Celebration of Terroir: Our flagship dry white wine reflects the unique characteristics of our vineyard site, artfully translating the essence of our surroundings into a truly memorable drinking experience. It’s a testament to the expertise of our winemakers and the passion we pour into every bottle.

Unveil the soul of La Mare Wine Estate with every pour of our flagship dry white wine. Whether you’re savouring it with a delectable seafood dish or simply relishing the moment, this wine will captivate your senses and leave an enduring impression of the beauty and richness of our coastal haven. Cheers to the remarkable journey of taste and terroir with La Mare Wine Estate.

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Seyval Blanc/Orion
Residual sugar

“It displays the character of St. Mary’s as fresh as the north west winds that prevail”

Tasting Notes


Ripe, citrus and herbaceous aroma


Delicate pome fruit and well structured acidity. Good length with a crisp finish.

Food Pairing

Jersey scallops and chancre crab