The Backdrop Of Your Big Day

Immerse yourself in the natural elegance of La Mare Wine Estate, where the beauty of our traditional estate, manicured lawns, verdant vineyards and abundant apple orchards becomes the picturesque backdrop for your magical day.

Canapés on the lawn

Guests are invited to enjoy a casual yet refined experience on the well-groomed lawn. Friends and family relishing thoughtfully crafted canapés amid the greenery, from savoury Jersey Crab Won tons wrapped in lime leaves, chilli and sesame seeds to Medjool dates stuffed with goats cheese, mint and sun dried tomato.

This is more than a gathering; it’s a celebration where nature’s beauty and culinary craftsmanship come together. At La Mare Estate, we welcome you to indulge in a moment of genuine joy, where simple pleasures become lasting memories.

Luscious Vineyards

Capture the essence of your love story amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of our vineyards, where each photo becomes a timeless reflection of your special day at La Mare Wine Estate.

Ancient Apple Orchards

Whether it’s the delicate blooms of spring, the lush greenery of summer, or the warm tones of autumn, our orchards provide a timeless and evolving backdrop that beautifully complements the unique chapters of your wedding day story.

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