Wednesday November 9, 2016

La Mare launches Jersey Salted Caramel

From the beautiful beaches to the lush green countryside, Jersey has so much to offer…

At La Mare, we love to celebrate our little island by offering a literal taste of what makes Jersey, Jersey. Black Butter and cider have long been the flavour mainstay of island heritage and will remain so but with the launch of our delicious Jersey Salted Caramel, we think you’ll agree that there’s a new sheriff in town.  Jersey has given us a new flavour combination to indulge in, take real Jersey salt, add rich Jersey dairy cream and cook until it turns in to a jar of pure joy. Not that we want to tell you how to enjoy it, but we’ll definitley be eating it with crepe’s, over ice cream or directly from the jar when no-ones looking.

CLICK HERE to buy yourself a jar.