Wednesday August 17, 2016

Autumn Harvest Tours

Autumn Harvest Tours at La Mare Wine Estate

At the end of summer, when the sun starts a slow descent and the days start to shorten you’ll find apple trees and grape vines laden with the vivid colours of ripe fruit and lush green leaves. It is now that La Mare winemaker and distiller, Daniel De Carteret, starts preparations for a busy harvest time, everything must be ready for the moment the fruit is picked.

Over 125 tonnes of apples and 25 tonnes of grapes are picked, cleaned, crushed and processed during the harvest. Perfect timing is needed to ensure the fruit reaches optimum ripeness and is harvested before the winter rains threaten the healthy fruit. Once the picking starts, the race against the clock begins to process the fruit within 24 hours to retain the full fruit flavours.

Harvest tours at La Mare are a continuation of the Wine Tour and Tastings offered throughout the season with visitors being invited to the see the fruit processing operation first hand. With Daniel working in close proximity, visitors are encouraged to ask questions and often taste the unprocessed juices before they are clarified and tanked.

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Harvest Tours
26 September 2016 to 29 October 2016