Friday June 7, 2024

9 of the Best Things to Do in Jersey

Welcome to Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, a destination brimming with natural beauty, rich history, and unique cultural experiences. Nestled in the English Channel, Jersey offers visitors an array of attractions, from its pristine beaches and dramatic cliffs to its historic castles and charming villages. At the heart of this enchanting island lies La Mare Wine Estate, an oasis of tranquility and flavour. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, a history buff, or an adventurer at heart, our guide will help you explore the best that Jersey has to offer. From savoring exquisite wines at La Mare Wine Estate to surfing the waves at St. Ouen’s Bay, and from walking through ancient castles to discovering the poignant history of the Jersey War Tunnels, there’s something for everyone.

1. Explore Miles of Unspoiled Beaches

Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. For visitors, there’s a treasure trove of activities and sights to explore, starting with the island’s breathtaking beaches. With miles of unspoiled coastline, the island offers a perfect escape for beach lovers. From the golden sands of St. Brelade’s Bay to the serene beauty of Plemont Beach, you’ll find a variety of seaside spots perfect for relaxation, swimming, and water sports.


2. Surf at St. Ouen’s Bay

For adventure seekers, St. Ouen’s Bay on the west coast is a surfer’s paradise. The bay’s consistent waves make it the perfect spot for both novice and experienced surfers. Surf schools offer lessons and equipment rentals, ensuring everyone can enjoy the thrill of riding the waves. After a day on the water, head to The Watersplash, a renowned beachfront bar and restaurant. Enjoy a delicious dinner while watching the sunset over the Atlantic, and perhaps even catch some live music or a DJ set.

3. Explore Historic Castles

Mont Orgueil Castle (Gorey Castle) A visit to Mont Orgueil Castle, also known as Gorey Castle, is like stepping back in time. Perched on a hill overlooking the quaint fishing village of Gorey, this medieval fortress has protected Jersey for over 600 years. Explore its labyrinth of staircases, towers, and hidden rooms, and enjoy panoramic views of the island and the French coast. The castle also features exhibitions that delve into Jersey’s history and folklore.

Elizabeth Castle Another historical gem is Elizabeth Castle, situated on a tidal island in St. Aubin’s Bay. Accessible by foot at low tide or by a charming amphibious ferry, the castle has stood guard over Jersey for more than 400 years. Wander through its ancient battlements, climb the battlement walkways, and learn about the island’s military history through the fascinating displays. The views of St. Helier and the bay are simply breathtaking.


4. Enjoy the Coastal Paths and Countryside

The island’s diverse landscapes are perfect for hiking and walking. The network of coastal paths offers stunning sea views and opportunities to spot local wildlife. The north coast cliffs, in particular, provide dramatic scenery and a sense of wild beauty. Why not take a stroll down to the Devil’s Hole after a Tour and lunch at La Mare Wine Estate? For a gentler walk, the island’s green lanes wind through picturesque countryside, past fields of Jersey cows and traditional granite farmhouses.


5. Visit the Jersey War Tunnels

The War Tunnels offer a poignant insight into the island’s World War II history. Originally constructed by forced labor under German occupation, these tunnels now house an immersive museum that tells the story of Jersey’s occupation from 1940 to 1945. Through a series of evocative displays and interactive exhibits, visitors can learn about the resilience and bravery of the islanders during this challenging period. The tunnels are a powerful reminder of the impact of war and a testament to the enduring spirit of the local people.


6. Experience Coasteering

Dive into the excitement of Jersey’s coastline with coasteering, a dynamic adventure that combines rock climbing, cave exploration, and swimming. Outfitted with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet, and sturdy shoes, you’ll navigate the island’s shore through activities such as caving, tunneling, and for the daring, cliff jumping. Guided by skilled professionals, this adventure offers a thrilling experience suitable for both kids and adults.

Experience the unique and adventurous side of Jersey’s beautiful coastline.

7. Shop and Dine in St. Helier

The capital, St. Helier, offers a delightful blend of shopping, dining, and cultural experiences. Wander through the central market, housed in a beautiful Victorian building, to find fresh local produce, flowers, and crafts. High street shops and independent boutiques line the streets, offering everything from fashion to unique gifts. When it’s time to dine, St. Helier boasts an array of restaurants and cafes, serving everything from traditional Jersey fare to international cuisine. Stock up on all your Genuine Jersey produce at Maison de Jersey, in King Street.

8.Take a Tour to Nearby Islands

Take a day trip to the tranquil island of Sark, where cars are banned and the pace of life slows to a gentle rhythm. Alternatively, visit Guernsey, with its beautiful beaches, historic sites, and vibrant capital, St. Peter Port. Boat tours are available to transport you to these idyllic islands, offering a chance to experience the unique charm of the Channel Islands archipelago.


9. Relax at La Mare Wine Estate

And of course a trip to Jersey wouldn’t be complete without a trip to La Mare Wine Estate; a must-visit for wine enthusiasts, nature lovers and foodies. The estate offers guided Tour and Tasting Experiences where visitors can learn about the winemaking process, from grape to glass. Don’t miss the chance to sample some of our award-winning wines, ciders, and spirits. The estate also produces delicious local delicacies like handmade chocolates and preserves, which you can enjoy in our charming café or purchase as souvenirs.

After a day of exploring, there’s no better place to unwind than back at La Mare Wine Estate. Stroll through the vineyard, enjoy a leisurely lunch at the estate’s café, and take in the tranquil surroundings. The estate’s beautiful gardens and serene ambiance make it the perfect spot to relax and reflect on your adventures.