Friday November 10, 2023

Discover the Festive Spirit of Jersey

Warm up your winter and festive gatherings with the latest creation from La Mare Wine Estate – the Jersey Royal Winter Berry Gin. It’s the season of joy, and what better way to celebrate than with a glass of something truly special, something that captures the heart of Jersey’s rich agricultural legacy?

Crafted at La Mare

After three years of anticipation, we’re excited to introduce a spirit that’s been crafted with passion and a deep reverence for local traditions. Jordi Sanvicens Moreno, our esteemed Head Winemaker and Distiller, has skilfully blended the beloved Jersey Royal Potato with a selection of seasonal spices and winter berries to create a gin that’s as smooth as it is aromatic.

The Jersey Royal Winter Berry Gin is distilled in our historic Alembic Charantais Cognac Distillery, where the alchemy of pure neutral spirit and the celebrated Jersey Royal Potato spirit unfolds. This combination is what gives our gin its signature smoothness, a tribute to the quality that La Mare stands for.

The natural sweetness of berries with the warmth of cinnamon and spices

This new addition isn’t just another gin; it’s a narrative of our dedication to Jersey’s harvest, a story told through every sip of this juniper-forward dry gin. Balancing the natural sweetness of berries with the warmth of cinnamon and spices, it’s the perfect companion to your festive toasts.

This gin celebrates the rich, fertile soils of Jersey

Jordi shares with us, “At La Mare Estate, we’re not just making spirits; we’re bottling the essence of Jersey. The Jersey Royal Potato is more than an ingredient – it’s the soul of our island, infusing our gin with its distinctive taste. This gin celebrates the rich, fertile soils of Jersey and the hardworking hands that tend them.”

In harmony with this spirit, we’ve crafted the Winter Berry Blackberry & Gin Jam, using the same Jersey Royal Botanical Gin, capturing the autumnal beauty of Jersey’s hedgerows in a jar.

Serving Suggestion

For the perfect G&T, pour our Jersey Royal Winter Berry Gin over ice, top with tonic, and garnish with a twist of lemon zest and a handful of blackberries. Or get creative and mix up some Christmas cocktails that’ll have your guests asking for the recipe.

Where to Find It: Ready to taste the tradition? Find the Jersey Royal Winter Berry Gin online at, at our Maison de Jersey boutique on King Street, or at our airport store.