Monday December 14, 2015

Delicious or Noir Miniature Bars

The estate is more than just a distillery and vineyard, in fact, we have a very serious chocolate kitchen at our heart. Producing a varied range of dark, milk and white chocolates and truffles as well as regularly developing new products for the local market, we are quickly gaining popularity for our delicious treats.

Or Noir chocolate is the signature La Mare blend that originates from three cocoa growing regions: Mexico, Venezuela and Santa Domingo. The particular bean used in La Mare Chocolate is called the Crillo Bean and is particularly hard to grow due to its weak resistance and delicate nature but it does make the very best chocolate.

Our Or Noir (translation: Black Gold) is made in small batches and created with the highest percentage of cocoa possible whilst still keeping the flavours balanced and enjoyable. Created to match our delicious Bailiwick Red Wine, the Or Noir contains less sugar and has a lower level of acidity than similar 70% cocoa chocolate meaning it lingers on the palate with a smooth, rich finish.  And, just like any fine wine, batches of chocolate vary in flavour minutely according to the origin bean ratio blend.

La Mare retails Or Noir in its Estate Shop, online and through Maison La Mare, King Street where you find it in the classic large slab size.

More recently, however, the Estate has added a clever 13.5g slab shape chocolate to its shelves that offers the ideal compliment size, perfect for coffee cup favours and luxury turndown chocolates. For more information on how to add our Miniature Chocolates to your menu or hotel room, call the estate on 01534 481178 or email [email protected]